Underbody coating

​Underbody coatings are applied in areas where long-lasting protection against stone chippings, salt, dirt, water is required and sound damping. Various types of underbody coating are available, each with its own unique properties. We can meet your needs, whatever they may be.
Applications: Bumpers, vehicle underbodies, vehicle chassis, skid plates, wheel housings

Anti corrosion

Corrosion-resistant coatings are applied to protect cavities in cars, trucks, buses and coaches, trains, or other places where an anticorrosive surface is required. Treatment of places where rust can occur ensures a longer service life and lower maintenance costs in the long run.

​​Applications: Doors, cavities, box beams, connections & reinforcements, machines & tools, temporary protection against corrosive environments

Sound deadening

​Onzca has a number of products that can be used for sound deadening. These include several different soundproofing coatings and noise-absorbing mats. These products are mainly used in places where noise reduction is desired.
Applications: Sound deadening of engine mounts, doors, engine covers, transmission cover, etc.


Onzca offers a wide range of glazing adhesives. These adhesives, based on various chemistries such as MS and PU, are used for bonding both windows and other surfaces, such as side panels in the bus, truck and rail (BTR) industry. These adhesives have a high initial strength and are suitable for creating flexible connections.

Applications: Bonding of windows in frame, e.g. front windscreen in a car or bus; elastic bonds and seals, e.g. in the bus, coach, train, caravan, camper and truck industries; bonding of glazing, e.g. in buses, coaches and trains; adhesive attachment of aluminium or polyester corner profiles on trailers; bonding of polyester parts on metal frames; adhesive applications where high initial tack is required.


Spray and spreadable sealing products are used to seal gaps and seams, preventing the entry of air and/or moisture.
Applications: Sealing of overlaps and joints, e.g. in bus, coach, caravan, camper, train and truck construction; sealing of screw and nut connections; sealing of sunroofs in the automotive industry; applied under strips for installation of windows and skylights in the caravan, transportation and container industries; suitable for use between sheet metal, glass, GRP, wood and other materials; sealing of joints between rubber and glass in buses, coaches, cars, trains and trucks

​These products are available in various package sizes and types. If you are interested in these or other products, or to request a quotation, please contact our specialist technical sales team for additional technical and/or commercial information.